Cobram flu victim and and first-time mum Sarah Hawthorn discharged from Melbourne hospital

OUT OF HOSPITAL: Cobram flu victim Sarah Hawthorn, who spent three months in a coma unaware she’d given birth to a baby boy, has been discharged from The Alfred Hospital and is now undergoing rehabilitation.A Cobram flu victim who wokefrom a three-month coma unaware she’d given birthhas been discharged from hospital in Melbourne.

A spokeswoman from The Alfred Hospital’s public affairs departmentconfirmed on Tuesday thatSarah Hawthorn, 33, had been discharged from its facility.

It is understoodthe bubbly first-time mum, who contracted Influenza A in the later stages ofpregnancy, is recovering at home and undergoing rehabilitation after spending months in intensive care.

MsHawthorn’sson was delivered five weeks premature during an emergency birth on August 28.

Her family said at the time that she was unaware shehad given birth to”the most perfect little baby boy”.

They also stated “Bomber Hawk” would not be named until his mum could announce it.

“Her son is fit and healthy,” the family said in a statement releasedthrough the hospital in November after confirming Ms Hawthorn had woken from an induced coma.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity of the community, and all the kind wishes we have received.”

The family thanked staff at The Alfred and the intensive care unit for their dedication to Ms Hawthorn.

“It has been a big journey for our family and at this stage, while Sarah is in recovery, we won’t be making any further comment,” they said.

It is believed the Channel 9current affairs program60 Minuteshassecured an exclusive interview with the family and they would be unlikely to comment until after the show aired.

A GoFundMe page to support Ms Hawthorn, her husband Rob and their infant son was set up in September and raised more than $30,000 in public donations.

Ms Hawthorn was an otherwise healthy and fit woman when she was struck down during what has been described as one of the worst flu seasons to hit .

The infection claimed the lives of 10 residents at a Wangaratta retirement village, eight-year-old Melbourne girl Rosie Andersenand Bacchus Marshfather Ben Ihlow.

Earlier this week the British press have warned against the “Killer Aussie Flu” as cases spike across the United Kingdom.

Influenza A(H3N2) caused the highest number of infections and deathsin during the 2017 winter since the swine flu pandemic in 2009.

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