Dasha’s easy win, bar one wee problem…

Gavrilova d Falconi 6-1,6-1

Logically Daria Gavrilova knows it will all be innocent but on centre court at Rod Laver Arena there is not a lot of room for clear-headed logic.

The need for a wee sent her dad out of the centre court stands and set Daria’s mind racing. When her close friend Kate Sheahan and her fitness coach Tom Couch also both felt the call of nature she was sure something was up.

Was someone was sick? Maybe a family member. Could it be Dad? Who else? Was it worse than that? Has someone collapsed? Oh, tell me someone isn’t in trouble.

Daria couldn’t stop the weird scenarios rushing in so she got agitated and angry with her support crew in the box and wanted to know what was up, why were they all leaving?

“At one point I was not happy with some of them taking a piss, leaving,” she laughed on court after the match.

“I was not happy but that’s OK … They had to go to the toilet. It distracted me. But I just think of the worst things that could happen. I was like, is someone sick? Did someone have to get out of the stadium because of something? I just create really weird stories in my head.

“Especially with my family, my dad here. And Kate, she’s my closest friend. I was like where the hell are they?”

It was suggested she did well not to lose focus but she disagreed.

“I did (lose focus),” she smiled, “but I just went on with it. I was like, ‘Okay, you just got to play this point, then worry about it later’.”

It was only a wee problem as it turned out, and no place for dramatic weird stories.

Actually, maybe Dasha was taking the piss as she was never really threatened in the match against Irina Falconi, which she won 6-1 6-1 in a smidgin over an hour.

Daria – Dasha – Gavrilova has a seed this year. Twenty-three. It’s not high but it’s a next step towards where she wants to be.

In her first round she presented as a seeded player should and comfortably deposed a player ranked more than 100 places behind her. Falconi, a qualifier here has often been ranked in the top 100 and so is a dangerous opponent but Gavrilova closed her out.

The last two years at the n Open she has made it through to the fourth round. She plays Elise Mertens of Belgium next.

She has been watching her closely, she said, having watched her at the Hopman Cup. Though clearly she had not been watching too closely as she corrected a reporter who put it to her that she had lost to her in Perth.

“I didn’t lose to her in Perth. Haven’t played her there. Played a really tight match at Roland Garros. Yeah, it’s going to be tough playing her. I think it’s going to be a very exciting match.”

Afterwards she was embarrassed to remember that in fact she did lose to her in Perth. It’s Rod Laver, it plays tricks on the mind. Or maybe she was taking the piss.