Nyngan’s Big Bogan to welcome Baby Bogans in 2018

NEW ARRIVALS: The Nyngan Observer’s artistic impression of one of the new, life-sized Baby Bogans. Photo: GOOGLE MAPS/ FILEThe Big Bogan is about to have babies.

Two life-size ‘baby’ BigBogans will beinstalled at the visitor information bays at the eastern and western entriesintoNyngan, the centre of the Bogan Shire.

The life-sized statues were approved by the Bogan Shire Council at its December meeting.

CouncillorKevin Ryan, who moved the motion, said that while the initial establishment of the Big Bogan was received with concern, he believedthe icon hadgrown on the community.

When the sixmetre steel figurearrived in 2015 it received major publicity both locally and internationally. However not everyone was in favour of the landmark with some locals concerned they would be regarded as“a town full of bogans”.

“I think they have realised it is not such a terrible thing, and have softened their approach, so I don’t think it will be an issue again,” CrRyan said.

The council’s general managerDerek Francis added, “most people have come around to seeing the tongue-in-cheek thingwe have in place for the sake of tourism”.

The original BigBogan was proposed to the council by Reverend Graham McLeod of StMark’s Anglican Church hoping to attract tourists to thetown.

Since its arrival in 2015there has been a boom in tourism with an increase in sales in bogan T-Shirts, bogan stubby coolers and even bogantea towels.

Mr Francis saidthe primary reason for the new Baby Bogans was to direct tourists to the information bay in town, and to encouragemotorists to get off the highway and make use of Nyngan and its facilities.

No additional funding will be required as funds have been made available from the Information Bays Construction Budget for this project to go ahead.

In addition to the installation of the Baby Bogans the right hand wing of the sign structure is to be lengthened and angled towards the road to make the information more immediately visible to passing motorists.

The life-sized Baby Bogans are expected to be completed by March.