Your Home: Try new shades to give your home a summer lift

COOL HUES: Pictured are Terrace White, Vivid White, High Blue and Surf’n’Dive. Images styled by Bree Leech and Heather Nette King. Photos: Mike Baker.Updating the exterior of a housewith the right colour scheme not only makes a strong first impression and reflects thehomeowner’s personality, but also has the ability to increase street appeal and add value.

COLOURS OF NATURE: Botanical features can play a role in our well-being as well as our décor.

With this in mind, Dulux has created three exterior palettes, Bright Spot, Botanical Life and Natural Beauty, which can be mixed and matchedto create an eye-catchingand timeless colour scheme.

Bright Spot is made up of “pops” of brighter hues and a selection of failproof neutrals, which according to Bree Leech, creative consultant and stylist for Dulux, isideal for popular mid-century architecture.

FRESH LOOK: Use brightly coloured accessories to complement your outdoor colour schemes.

“Experiment with hues to achieve a modern take on architectural colour palettes,” she said. “Use bold hints of colour such as Dulux High Blue or Go Alpha in architectural details such as the front door, pot plants and even letterboxes.”

Botanical Life gives a warm and welcoming finish.

“Outdoor living has become an n way of life and botanical features play a greater role in our well-being as well as our décor,” Ms Leech said.

Natural Beauty is inspired by tactile elements with coloursdrawn from nature and focusing on neutrals, warm greys and charcoals.


Make sure you choose a shade that reflects your personality and gives people a taste of what to expect on the inside.Bright colours can make neutral exteriors such as concrete renders or brown bricks “pop”.If you’re painting over existing paint work, for best results and to ensure maximum adhesion, sand your surface thoroughly and dust off before painting.If you’re painting onto a bare surface, over a darker colour or a repaired surface, a coat of primer will seal the surface and provide the ideal base.